Commercial insurance claims
If your business has suffered a recent accident or incident that has created damage to your property or caused downtime and loss of earnings then speak to us today. 
Whether your claim is an office theft or one for millions of pounds of fire or flood damage, Sovereign Loss Assessors has the required experience to ensure your claim is handled successfully for the maximum possible compensation. 

Fire Insurance Claims 

Following a fire at your business, you will have to make a number of critical decisions and each one will have a direct impact on the outcome of your insurance claim.

Our aim is to reduce the time our clients have to spend on their fire insurance claim by being the single point of contact.

Flood Insurance Claims 

Following a flood at your business, you will have to prepare a complicated insurance claim.

We specialise in flood and water damage insurance claims. Should you choose to use our services, you will have peace of mind knowing your business property will be thoroughly dried and sanitised by an experienced restoration company, ensuring no future issues arise.

Burst Pipe Claims 

The effects of a burst pipe can be obvious straight away, but there are cases when a burst pipe in your home can cause considerable unseen damage.

We can help you uncover the hidden damage to safeguard against any future problems an help you get the maximum compensation.

Theft Claims 

A theft compromises the security of your business or home and all of your assets can be at risk. It can be a major set back to operations and there is always a potential for a re-offence.

Sovereign Loss Assessors experiences guarantee the adequate repairs and compensation from your insurer. 

Business Interruption 

 A wide range of expertise and experience is required for the successful settlement of a complex business interruption claim.

We will take time to properly understand how a client’s business functions. Then, armed with that knowledge we will ensure the client receives the maximum compensation.

Our business claim check-list

• Secure your property to protect it from further damages

• Negotiate your claim and all issues regarding the building, its contents and any business interruption

• Work with your insurer to ensure you receive the full claim

• Get insurers to accept liability as soon as possible

• We highlight items in your claim that are often overlooked by insurers

• Appoint specialist surveyors

• Ensure that cleaning companies do a thorough job

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